Doula Services

My birth doula contract is posted below. I typically charge $450 for two prenatal visits, on-call time and attendance at your birth, and 1-2 postpartum "check-in" visits. Fees may vary based on need; the number of prenatal and postpartum visits can be adjusted based on your desire. The crux of my doula service is providing support at the time of your labor and birth. 

The prenatal visits give us an opportunity to get comfortable around each other, and everyone who will be present for your birth should attend at least one visit. At these visits we will also discuss birth options and your preferences. It is my hope that you will care for your nutrition and fitness as is best for you and your baby. I do not offer childbirth education classes at this time, but will encourage you to either take classes, read books, or otherwise educate yourself. I can offer recommendations for books and classes, and resources to other helpful services in our area and online as well.

Doula Contract 
What a Doula does: 
A Doula is a woman who understands the birth process and supports other women as they make their own transition into motherhood. From the moment this contract is signed, I provide support via email and phone (9am — 7pm) to answer any questions or concerns that might arise and to help the couple prepare for labor and parenthood. I am also available by text message. For two weeks before the mother’s due date and two weeks after, I am on-call 24/7 to be notified at the onset of labor.
During labor the Doula will remain by the woman’s side until 1 — 2 hours after the baby is born providing emotional support, physical comfort, and an objective viewpoint. She will help the woman get the information she needs to make informed decisions and help her communicate her needs and desires effectively with her other care givers. A Doula also supports the father or partner allowing him to participate more fully in the birth.
After the baby is born a Doula remains in contact with the new family helping them adjust to their new roles and integrate their birth experience. Doula’s recognize childbirth as an important event in a woman’s life, an experience she will always cherish. She will nurture and protect the woman’s memory of her birth. 
I have been trained through toLabor and am working to complete certification with the organization. toLabor Labor Assistants/Birth Doulas provide emotional support, physical support, education, collaboration, and professionalism to the birthing mother and her family. Labor Assistants/Birth Doulas provide support in all settings: home, birth center, and hospital. The Labor Assistant/Birth Doula is not the primary care provider.”
What a Doula does not do: 
I will not dispense any medications (over the counter or prescribed) to any member of the family, perform any clinical tasks, diagnose any medical conditions in mother or baby, make decisions for you, or take over the partner’s or family’s role of primary support, unless the partner and/or family are absent or choose not to participate in that way.
Choosing a Doula: 
The initial consultation is for us to meet and decide if we want to work together.  It is very important to me for all members of the family to be comfortable with my role at your birth.  If at that time we decide to continue, we will sign this contract and schedule a prenatal visit.  During that visit, we will discuss and explore your priorities and concerns, and plan how to best work together to meet your needs.  
Client Responsibility: 
I ask that you notify me as soon as you think you may be in labor so I can arrange my schedule (childcare, etc.). I generally arrive within one hour (Wilmington area) unless there is a special circumstance. I would rather you call too soon than too late!
Estimated Due Date_________________________ 
One hour Consultation (telephone or in-person): Free
I have a fee of $______ for ___ prenatal visit(s), home and hospital labor support (up to 24 hours, where I will need a rest period or may call a back-up doula),  and ___ postpartum visit(s). A deposit of $_____ is required at the time of contract signing. Once the prenatal visit(s) are completed, the deposit is non-refundable.   The remainder of the doula services will be paid for no later than __________. 
Failure on the doula’s part to arrive for labor support will result in a refund of the fee paid, except for the deposit. If I happen to be with another client or have a family emergency, I will call a back-up doula who will be paid the fee you gave me, less the deposit. No fees will be refunded due to the doula’s failure to arrive for labor support due to rapid labor, not being called soon enough, non-medically indicated labor induction, or because of cesarian section. Once you have secured me as your doula, I limit additional clients near your due date. 
Any other agreements or understandings specific to this client and doula: 
We agree to this contract: 
Client                                                                                                                          Date 
Client’s Partner                                                                                                         Date 
Doula                         Date