Dec 21, 2010

Cape Fear Area Doulas

I finally prepared a bio for the Cape Fear Area Doulas website. You can read it below, and it should be on the website soon.

I believe every woman who desires a gentle birth deserves a doula. Our culture does not always make it easy to reach out for support, but this is changing. I have been trained through toLabor (formerly ALACE) to provide educational, emotional, and physical support to women and couples prenatally and in labor. I encourage women to be educated about available birth options so you can make the best choices for you. As your doula I will provide you with informative resources and support your choices. I will encourage you to trust your body and your baby as you grow in motherhood. 
I was raised in southeast North Carolina with a family of nurses and midwives. I began to foster my own nurturing mother spirit after birthing my daughter in 2003. When not attending births, I enjoy laughing with my family, creating art, practicing yoga and meditation, reading, and playing outside.
I have experience supporting birth in both the home and the hospital setting. If you desire an unmedicated birth I am happy to help you prepare for and achieve that. I chronicle my journey at and can be reached at or (910) 520-9456. 
Young couples, single moms, or same-sex couples welcome. 

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