Feb 19, 2011

BIrth Circle

A group was started in Wilmington about four years ago by a local doula, Carmen, who has since moved away, but the group carries on, hostd by the Cape Feat Area Doulas.The birth circle was inspired by the novel The Red Tent, which I wrote about in my last post. The book takes place in ancient times and tells how the women would gather together every new moon in the red tent to support each other through their cycle. When it was time for someone to birth a baby, she labored and birthed in the red tent, supported by her sisters or other women from the community. She would then stay in the red tent for one month, getting to know her baby, learning to nurse, and healing with the support of fellow women.

Today's modern birth circle is a sort of reincarnation of the aspect of red tent in which women support women through our childbearing. Today there is often a lot of fear surrounding pregnancy, birth and motherhood, but here is a place for us to gather to honor these traditions of life. We know that we are brave women and we respect the power of birth in all its forms. New mothers are encouraged to share your birth story in whatever way you choose. We practice listening during the story and hold any questions until the end. This is your time to be heard.

Besides being a great place for new mommies to process and talk about giving birth, the Birth Circle provides a gathering spot for pregnant women to meet local doulas and other moms, ask questions, and get insight into the birth process. 

In Wilmington, the Birth Circle meets the third Saturday of each month at 4pm, in the community room above Tidal Creek Coop, next door to the Yoga Center. All mothers welcome. No childcare is provided, but of course babies are welcome, too. 

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