Nov 15, 2010

Assisting at a homebirth

I was called to assist at a homebirth with local midwives yesterday. Needless to say I got quite excited about the opportunity to be present. We took our time driving to the mama's house, chatting on the way. The day was bright. When we got there we were greeted by: the mama in early labor, both her parents, two daughters ages 4 and 8-ish, best friend visiting from out of town, four (inside) dogs, and were soon joined by another mama-photographer who was asked to photograph the birth, as well as her 10-month-old daughter. Mixed in with all these wonderful people were the two midwives and myself. Quite a house full!

Once everyone seemed comfortable with one another and settled in, the midwives led a discussion about the mama's labor progression, which had started but seemed to be in early stages. So, she and her best friend danced and moved to "Just Dance" on the Nintendo Wii for about and hour! The best part was when mama would slow her dancing to have a contraction, and her friend would bust some serious moves trying increase her score in the game. Nevertheless, this awesome mama kept winning the game, even with taking short breaks to breathe through her contractions.

After dinner, the midwives decided they would take turns keeping an eye on the mama's labor for the next day or so until she really gets going. So I came home. For now.
Patience being the elusive virtue that when asked for seems to become a test, I am reluctant to ask for help in practicing it. But, I am gladly being present with the soft buzzing sensation I feel as I await the call back. I will keep you posted!

Until then, keep smiling:)

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