Nov 15, 2010

My first happy doula blog post

SO this is my first blog post. Rain is falling down in big fat drops, pinging on the metal A/C unit outside my window. Today is my first official day of self-employment. I am excited about creating my own freedom and flexibility; I am also a bit nervous about maintaining self-discipline. I have found that whatever I am looking for in life, eventually I will find. Now I am looking to make our world a better place, in whatever small way.

The birth of a child is a magical, spiritual, yet totally natural experience. When I gave birth to Summer almost seven years ago, I thought I was ready for the birth, but really I had planned the way it was supposed to go and was only ready for my plan to fall into place. As so often happens, the plans I had prepared did not become reality. In this case, I was unprepared to deal with forces of nature more powerful than myself, and I became filled with fear. I allowed the fear to paralyze me into an object of angst.

Shortly thereafter, I began to see that fear had no place in the giving of birth. I want to share with others that in dispelling fear, you can truly experience all of your life, rather than the half or bits and pieces that you get when living in fear and running from reality. I want this blog to be a chronicle of hope, joy, reality, and truth. Truth often times is not pretty, but it is always FREE.
Until next time. . . keep smiling!

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