Nov 15, 2010

Thoughts on Medical Interventions in Labor

I've been doing a lot of reading, studying books on pregnancy and birth, and of course speaking with women about their birth experiences as well as assisting at a few homebirths recently. I'm working on creating a packet of information to give to women who want me to serve as their doula. Besides forming personal opinions on the information I learn, I am strengthening my philosophy on how to relate with women, and work as their doula. I am constantly open to change, growth, and learning.

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The Birth of Adam
My philosophy, based on personal experiences, births witnessed, and my own reading of various materials related to pregnancy and childbirth, is that:
Babies born from natural, spontaneous labors have the best overall outcomes, and their mothers experience easier labors and quicker postpartum recoveries.
I have seen that natural, spontaneous labor is not always feasible because of medical conditions, and sometimes not desired by the mother. I believe decisions on whether to electively induce or augment labor should be completely up to the mother, unless medically indicated, and therefore she should educate herself early on about the risks of such procedures so that she can make a wise choice when presented with the option to induce or augment labor.

It is my hope that the women I serve will have educated themselves thoroughly on the risks of the commonly used interventions. I am open to hearing any thoughts or reasoning for or against any medical interventions or styles of laboring. I can present you with information, but will never try to sway your decisions. You are already strong and powerful, and know your body better than anyone else.

I believe that laboring women need female companionship and support no matter what their medical condition or thoughts on interventions. My ultimate desire is to help you have the best birth possible.

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  1. I love this. Most firsttime pregnant women think that the nurses at the hospital will know everything. That is what I thought. Well they know everything about birth when it is complicated, they are completely lost and bewildered when a woman gives birth naturally. When I was having Rylan on my own without any assistance from the nurses they were confused and running around the room trying to find the doctor. I was glad Paul was there so I could crush his hand with my concrete grip and that my mom was there to talk me through everything because the doctor merely walked in right when Rylan was crowning. A natural birth is great and really is ALOT easier than any doctor will make it sound to a pregnant woman. Birth is natural, your body knows what to do. And I'm glad you and olivia are out there empowering women!