Nov 15, 2010

toLabor birth doula training

I returned home last night from an exhilarating weekend in Northern Virginia. I participated in ToLabor's birth doula training, instructed by Therese Hak Kuhn. My body is still buzzing — I feel this intense sense of excitement, empowerment, belonging. The workshop was more than a clue that I am on the right path; it was more of a kick in the ass letting me know how important this work is! As doulas we each touch one family at a time, but as a whole we send massive love vibrations out into the world like surging beams of light.

I connected with wonderful women this weekend, learned a lot, found out that I already knew more than I thought, some of it intuitively and some from reading books and other blogs and websites. I want to thank everyone I spent time with this weekend for being present, honest, pure, and for allowing me the same.

Keep smiling!

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