Nov 15, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I am typically an 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night type of person. There were several years of my life when I nodded in and out of consciousness all day and night, never really being asleep or awake. When I got over that and began to truly sleep, I fell in love with it. I began going to bed early and sleeping in late. I would growl if someone stirred me from my restful dream-state. Ah, it was nice!

So beginning the on-call lifestyle, I was a bit nervous about missing my lovely sleep — even wondering if I was capable of waking on-demand. Today, I am amazed at what the human body, and myself personally, can do with a cumulative 45-minutes of sleep! A Power circles around the event of birth, imbuing those within the sphere with a serene energy and the ability to focus while dancing the hushed waltz around life. It is about waking up, being present and engaged. It is prayer in action; the life force itself; the opposite of sleep.

Good night.

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