Nov 15, 2010

Moving to Blogger

I made the decision to move my Happy Doula blog from to I think the official address is now I was looking for a new template on Wordpress because I wanted three columns and had trouble finding something I liked. So I came over here to see what was available, and discovered how much simpler blogger is to use! Wow! Wordpress can probably do a lot more, and can be more personalized, but Blogger is made for people like me. I got more done with it in just about an hour than I could have done in two or three hours on Wordpress. I find that it is just a lot easier to move things around, the formatting just falls into place, and the blog looks neat and clean with minimal effort. Perfect! I moved all the posts over (I only have a few so far). I am going to abandon the comments, so to those of you who have left wonderful comments on my blog I apologize! But I hope you will continue to check in on me now and then. I love comments! They encourage me to write more. Thank you!

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