Nov 15, 2010


Last week I wrote about going to a birth that was not ready to happen. One of the midwives stayed with the mama the following night, all three of us stayed the night after that, and then on Saturday I stayed with one of the midwives at the house while the mama's labor came and went. Between the three of us, mama had periodic supervision for 5 days. Nothing on Monday. On Tuesday, around 1pm, she called the midwives and said that she thought she might finally be in active labor. One of them went to check on her, and after arriving called her partner and then me to come back.

I was having my car oil changed and a new tire put on when I got the call. I asked my mechanic as politely as possible how much longer he would be. When I got to the house she had already been pushing for 5 minutes. Now, this is my first time witnessing another labor and birth besides my own. I'll admit I've had a few reservations and anxieties, such as whether I have the stomach to handle the intensity of birth. I do. But I wasn't sure until I had the opportunity to be there, to see her strength and power up close as she brought her baby into the world.

I learned an important lesson at this birth, as I got a glimpse of what it takes to be a midwife: professionalism, strength, wit, and ability to think fast while speaking with a voice like melted butter.

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